Visit Seoul to Experience Its Vibrant History and Technological Wonder

If you love urban life and wish to explore different features of cities, Seoul is the right city to go for. Boasting thousands of years vibrant history, it has now occupied the top place among marvels cities in the world. It is pack with a number of amazing things those will not only make your vacation enjoyable but also keep you charge throughout the life. Its technical spectrum is well known and it becomes possible due to the passion for innovation by Korean people. Technological advancements and cultural renovation has played a significant role to thrust it to a new level.

Seoul Travel

Here are some amazing things to do while you are on a Seoul travel.

Bongeusna Temple

Bongeusna Temple had built in 794 AD and from that time, it has become the center of worship by the South Korean people. People around the world come here to experience the unspoiled peace of mind. Needless to mention, you are on a vacation to fill your mind with peace and fun. Visiting this temple and experiencing with its famous Temple Stay Program, will certainly fulfill your demand. Apart from them, if you want to go deep into the Buddhism, here is the place where you will get piles of books regarding this ancient religion.

Changyong Palace

This fantastic palace was built by King Sejong and your Seoul trip won’t be fulfilled without visiting this iconic ancient piece of sculpture. This is known as one of the oldest and a significant palace that is still has stood passing various destructive factors.

Mount Pukhansan

If you want to enjoy granite mountain, Mount Pukhansan is the right place to go. It is located outskirt of the city and hosts some of the wonderful beauty sports. This mount is loaded with charming flowers and Buddhist Temples.

Lotte World

Lotte World is known as the Disneyland of east. This is the top tourist puller that attracts eight to ten millions tourist annually. No matter which age group you are belongs to, Lotte World will host you. It has different type of rides with dissimilar shape and size. From gentle rides to wild roller coaster, all these rides will truly satisfy you without any hassle.

National Museum of Korea

National Museum of Korea is not only mere museum but this is the mirror of Korean culture and history. It has theater hall in which concerts and different performances are regularly held in order showcase their cultural richness to the world. Plus, you have chance to get through knowledge of different dynasties from this museum.

Chongdong Theater

Having a range of Korean cultural performances, this is one of the top the atres that attract thousands of visitors. If you want to experience the rich art and culture of Korea, it will be the best destination to for. Not only mere performances, this theater is highlighting various painting and different type of art pieces while the stage is located in the basement.

N Seoul Tower

Known as one of the tallest tower in the world, N Seoul Tower offers perfect views of the city from its fifth floor. It is located in the heart of the city and visitors have plenty of chance to view the magnificent picturesque view of Seoul city.

Namsan Park

Known as the symbol of Seoul, Namsan Park is located in the heart of city. If you want to enjoy a relaxing moment, this park is ready to serve you. Thousands of people each day come here in order to get rid of the hassle urban life.

There are plenty of options available to explore verity of things in life. A trip to Seoul is something that will fulfill your entire wishes without any hassle. Explore a new dimension of world with Seoul Travel.


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