Seoul City Tour Offers to Explore Numerous Unique Places to Travel

A lot of magnetism in Seoul appeals travelers and make them wonder where to visit and what to do. Seoul is really a glorious city and one must love to visit Seoul to explore its iconic hotspots. Seoul City tour takes you to several palaces, delightful side streets, beautiful national parks, traditional villages, and appetizing food markets and much more to discover. If you’re in Seoul only for a few days, add these unique things to do in Seoul into your itinerary that will surely make your journey memorable.

Seoul City Tour

Visit the Korean War Museum – Korean War Museum was awesome! It’s one of the best museums you might have ever been to, and it’s completely free!  Devoting at least a couple hours to the Korean War Museum will help you gain a deeper understanding of Korea’s past. It also speaks about why the Koreas are separated into two countries.

Eat everything – The food in South Korea is incredible! Seoul seems to be the emerging and favorite “food city” in the world!  Whatever you put into your mouth here are delicious! You can easily find vendors selling street food in Korea.  The street foods, traditional food, Korean BBQ and much more in Korea have its own magic that can’t be substituted with meals from a restaurant. Every evening, over 100 street food vendors rolling their carts into the streets and setting up shop for the night!

Take in sweeping views from N Seoul Tower – N Seoul Tower is the Seoul’s iconic landmark at the summit of Namsan Mountain ranked as the top sightseeing spot in the Seoul. You can get the best overview of Seoul from every angle at the tower’s observatory! The night view of Seoul from N Seoul Tower is extremely attractive. For instance, there are the bridges over the Han River at night that shines like diamond bracelets. The tower is a spot, which you can’t leave out on a Seoul City Tour.

Noryangjin Fish Market – If you wish to see the energy and enthusiasm of the local people in Seoul, head over to Noryangjin Fish Market. It’s a wholesale market cum eatery where you can buy and eat fresh seafood. Even though you don’t purchase anything here, the whole market itself displays an enormous local experience. Get fresh fish sliced into thin pieces and take it home, or go into one of the sit-in restaurants to taste it. The restaurant will prepare the fresh seafood you bought from the market and dish up it with many delicious side dishes.

Korean Folk Village – The Korean folk villages offer you the glimpse of ancient Korea and how the people lived in the past. You will be able to observe Korean traditional houses, culture and past lifestyle. Here you can see talented actors and actresses are hired to play the roles of people from the past to give visitors an authentic feel.

Relax with a picnic at 12 Han River Parks – The Han River Parks are made of twelve parks, a perfect spots to sit back and chill out during the warm season. These riverside parks are absolutely delightful and a joy to visit! Each Han River Park has different features that offer plenty of hip and fun activities such as riding a duck boat, fishing, wakeboarding, skiing, travel the city with the Han River Cruise and much more.


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