Top Things to Do on a Seoul City Tour in the Fall

Seoul is found to be at its best during the Fall, when you can see the trees turned into different colors like yellow, orange, red and brown. You can witness the beautiful Fall foliage when the weather fights between warm to cold. Compared to the summer, the Fall season in Seoul will prove to be more suitable and affordable, as you will experience less crowd at some of the major attractions and find low airfare, hotel or accommodation rates. For this reason, most of the visitors or tourists choose to visit the Seoul City during the months of September- November (Autumn/Fall Season). 

Here is the list of some top things to do and attractions to visit during your Seoul City tour in the Fall:

1. Visit Garosugil (Sinsadong):

In the Gangnam district district of Seoul, the Grosugil is a popular, upscale street, which is lined up with trees, picturesque artist studious, galleries, designer clothing shops, cafes and interior design shops. This place is popular during the fall season when the leaves starts falling from the trees. Here you will get an opportunity to shop some unique clothing, accessories, chic interior design items and handmade items. 


2. Samcheongdong-gil Road:

Beside the historic Gyeongbokgung Palace, you will come across the Samcheongdong-gil Road, which is the unique stone wall road. On this street, you will find traditional and modern Korea are combined, which creates a unique and classy atmosphere. The Samcheongdong-gil Road is lined up with restored hanok (Korean traditional style houses) that have been renovated into cozy coffee shops, galleries, antique shops and museums; this gives you a chance to enjoy art, shopping and delicious lunch one roof. 

3. The Deoksugung Palace:

This beautiful palace is one of the most iconic place to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage in the Seoul City. The Deoksugung Palace is known as the only palace in the Seoul that has a few western style buildings inside. 

4. Bongeunsa Temple:

The Buddhist Temple- Bongeunsa Temple is located in the Samseong-dong, Ganganam district that offers a magnificent fall foliage scenery. This temple has more than 1000 years of history and features many interesting historic or cultural features like woodblock carvings of the Avatamsaka Sutra or Flower Garland Sutra. Visitors will love to enjoy here some simple Buddhist practices like Dado (a tea drinking ceremony, Balwoogongyang (a Buddhist meal with traditional bowls) and more. 

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