Top Places To Visit On a Korea DMZ Tour

Both South and North Korea are the most spirited and colorful countries around the world. In the short time, following the dramatic and impressive developments, both have managed to maintain the delicate balance between conservation of the impressive history, traditional myths and embrace all the conveniences and technologies of the modern world.

What Is Actually The Korean DMZ: – 

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a spectacular region located on the Korean peninsula that usually demarcates North Korea from South Korea. It’s four kilometer wide, 240km long buffer slashes across the peninsula, separating both South and North Korea. Surrounded by tank traps, electrical fences, landmines and armies in full battle readiness, it is also considered to be the most sought after place to visit in Korea. Strange though it may seem, DMZ is also a tourist hotspot- drawing thousands of curious visitors every year. Hence, taking a DMZ tour Korea can be the best pick in your holiday bucket.

The Best Places To Visit On a Korea DMZ Tour: –

1. Dora Observatory: – Located at the top of Mount Dora based on the South Korean side of the 38th parallel, the Dora Observatory remains up close to South Korea and you can also get there from the North. For looking over the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), you should visit this observatory on a Korea DMZ tour This observatory is located nearer to the huge Third Tunnel, which was created by the North Koreans with the intention to use it as a secret pathway to invade South Korea.

 2. Dorasan Station: – Dorasan Station was constructed by South Korea to open up railway links to help with speeding up trade with Europe. The train station is not in use as North Korea closed this connection a few years ago. Instead, Dorasan Station is visited by tourists as it;s considered as an immense part of DMZ tour in Korea. Currently, the train station is used to connect the Seoul central station with the DMZ and the station have only a departure every day. That means, the whole station serves only a departure. 


3. Paju Shopping Outlet: – It’s probably true that Korea is currently most popular destination for K-pop and drama; but there are so many things to see and do when you are actually on a Korea DMZ tour. And it has something that every travel enthusiast want to do on a tour in Korea, i.e. shopping. And especially for those who want to buy clothes at the best price, Paju Shopping Street can be an ideal alternative.


Paju Shopping Outlet is located in the city of Paju; which is next to the northern part of Seoul. This shopping outlet is one of the most sought after hubs for shopping around South Korea. It specializes in offering shopping opportunities for items up to 90%. In short and simple word, Paju Shopping Outlet is the ultimate fashion paradise for the shopaholics.

Conclusion: – Want to visit DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) on your next trip to Korea? Book a Korea DMZ tour with Kim’s Traveland explore everything from the Korean War to the present through the eyes of a professional guide. For more details, stay social with us:


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