Top Exciting Tourist Spots to Explore on your Korea Visit

Do you want to make your visit to Korea a memorable one? Then please read this post to find out some interesting things that will make your Korea visit a fun-filled and exciting trip with your family or friends. We all know that Korea is full of attractions that allures and attracts different kinds of people like nature lovers, history and culture buffs, shopping enthusiasts and Hallyu wave fans.

Here is the list of some best and unique tourist spots to explore in Korea on your visit to the beautiful and vibrant Korea:


1. Gyeongju Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond:

Gyeongju is known as the “museum without wall” and considered to be as one of the Korean’s histories and culture center. In the past, the Gyeongju Donggung Palace was the capital of the Silla Dynasty, which makes it the best platform to learn about its cultural and historical essence. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Gyeongju is known for its top attractions like the Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond (Anapji Pond).

2. Gamcheon Culture Village:

If you are a fan of the book- The Little Prince, then visiting the picturesque Gamcheon Culture Village will prove to be worth. This village is also popularly known as the Korea’s Little Santorini and Busan’s Machu Picchu, which was once the home to refugees during the Korean war. Today, this place is converted into a center for art and culture, which is filled with vibrantly colored houses, murals, and sculptures. Your visit to Korea’s Gamcheon Culture Village will give you a good photographic opportunity to take some incredible shots.


3. Haneul Park:

The Haneul Park is a unique and peaceful place, which is near to the famous World Cup Stadium. This park is a picturesque venue for the annual Seoul Silver Grass Festival, which is held every autumn. You can also enjoy the night view of the Han River while walking along the lighted paths of the Haneul Park.

4. Seoul Forest:

Do not get scared by hearing the word forest! The Seoul Forest is an Eco-friendly park, which is a complex that includes five different parks such as the Cultural Art Park, Nature Experiencing Study Field, Ecological Forest, Hangang River Waterside Park and Wetlands Ecological Field. This forest is considered to be the perfect place for enjoying a family outing. Here there are myriad of facilities like playgrounds, sports equipment, animals, plant houses, fountain and streams, which lies a great platform to have the utmost fun and enjoyment. 


5. Gwangjang Market:

The Gwangjang Market is known as one of the most popular traditional markets, which is famous for its silk goods, fabric and clothing, which attracts both locals and tourists. In the market, you will find numerous stalls that sell dumplings, Korean pancakes- jeon, Rice rolls – Kimbap, traditional candy and more. If you want to buy the traditional Korean clothes- hanbok or home items, then explore the shops at this market.

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