The Nami Island and Petite France Tour in South Korea

Beyond question, there is a whole other world to South Korea than its clamoring city of Seoul. For example, there is the staggering area of Gapyeong, which has attractions that are not very far from the capital, to be specific: the enchanting oasis of Nami Island, the social town of Petite France, the otherworldly region of The Morning Calm and the beautiful tracks of the Gangchon Rail Bike. So, how do you wish to explore such amazing diversities? We at Kim's Travel are eagerly waiting for you with our Nami Island and Petite France Tour to offer you the best exploration of such amazing diversities.

The tour experience that awaits you

When you are with us then you can expect to have the best of tour experience during your Nami Island Tour and during the tour to Petite France. Let us know what awaits you during such a tour.

Nami Island: A half-moon formed island settling inside a counterfeit lake known for being the shooting grounds of the outstanding K-show 'Winter Sonata', Nami Island is home to lines of magnificent trees, free-meandering creatures, and craftsmanship displays — and a looked for after South Korean goal in each season! Upon your landing, you may be overpowered at first however rest guaranteed, there are free map guides given upon your entrance; subsequently, exploring around the island will be incredibly simple. For the best 'should do's' in Nami Island, it would be to wise to be with us being a part of our Nami Island and Petite France Tour.

You should not miss the zipwire, a walk through Metasequoia Road, Ginkgo Tree Lane, and Central Korean Pine Tree Lane to enjoy the Redwood trees, ride the UNCEF charity train and have the best of lunch having delicious dak-galbi.

Petite France: This is a pastel-shaded town that fills in as both a social focus and an adolescent preparing office with more than 16 French-styled building where guests can stay or experience French sustenance and culture. Petite France is likewise perceived as a best recording area for Korean shows like 'Mystery Garden', 'Running Man', and 'My Love from the Star'. We at Kim's Travel offer the best of such exploration through our Nami Island and Petite France Tour.

So, when you decide to have the best of tour experience in South Korea do give us at Kim's Travel a call dialing +82-2-570-3500 to have a talk with our tour specialists.

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