The many reasons to visit Seoul after the end of COVID-19 pandemic

Seoul is not one of the principal Asian goals for city trips – yet. Regularly remaining in the shadows of Tokyo, Beijing, and Taipei, Korea’s capital has a great deal to offer that many probably will not think about. Here are some reasons why you should visit Seoul at any rate once in the course of your life.

Connect with Korea’s history 

Probably the best thing about Seoul is that in light of it being the nation’s capital, you will locate an inexhaustible number of noteworthy destinations and attractions in the city. Gyeongbokgung Palace, for instance, is an outright should visit when around. You can likewise visit recent historic destinations, for example, the War Memorial of Korea committed to the individuals who gave their lives during the Korean War.

Realize Seoul’s nightlife 

Seoul is a lively city – much more so when the sun has set and its populace is anxious to go out and have a fabulous time. Truth be told, South Koreans realize how to have a great time, as the local nightlife culture has built up a “station system” with an eatery for supper being the main station followed by bars, bars, karaoke rooms, and more food and beverages as ensuing “stations.”

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