Nami Island and Petite France in a Nami Island Tour

Namiseom Island or Nami Island is the happiest place on earth and drives so much joy to anyone who visits the island. From avid travelers to photography enthusiasts or couples and families, everyone loves the scenic beauty of Nami Island. It is one of the landscaped you will witness on reaching the island, and it appears best in autumn while the sky touching tree shed with multi-hued leaves. The beauty of Nami Island never stops no matter the season and is a must-visit destination while visiting Korea.

Nami Island is a beautifully landscaped garden atop a scenic hill. Numerous flowers and a 1000-year-old tree in the center of the garden are the prime attraction travelers wish to see. It is a marvelous place, a very calming environment, and an enjoyable place for a stroll with the family and revels the beautiful scenery. It is not just famous for its natural beauty, but aso famous for several restaurants, and enjoying delicious food as well. It also offers several touring activities such as biking and motorboat riding and much more kid-friendly activities to do like sky-bike, UNICEF train, story tour bus, and Forest Adventure.

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