Han River a better opportunity to break from the normal city lifestyle

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a huge city where one can find modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, Buddhist temples, palaces, street markets. Notable attractions in the Seoul include the Han River an iconic customary symbol that runs through the center of the city of Seoul. The most crucial landmark in Seoul, South Korea is the Han River a large waterway vital to the mega-city of Seoul’s success. This river was the central lifeblood to the city, accountable for transporting goods and services. The Han River as it stands today is a massive public park providing Seoul with different warm amusement options to locals and foreigners. Drifting peacefully down the Han River during a relaxing ferry cruise gives a mind blowing experience on your Seoul Travel;

These are just some of the ways that you can take advantage of the beauty that the natural symbol of Seoul can offers.


Bright N Seoul Tower – 

Being started with a hotel pickup for night viewing you can board on a ferryboat for a Han River Music Cruise. During the ride accompanied by live music on board you can able to take in the nearby scenery along Seoul’s active riverfront. Gliding down the major waterway of the Korean peninsula you have the opportunity to pass under bridges and spot landmarks including N Seoul Tower brightly illuminated in the night sky. Elevator of the tower takes you up to the observation floor for panoramic views of Seoul’s glittering skyline.

Feel the pungency of Kimchi-

While in Seoul Travel an outsider to Korean culture can quickly realize two most important things. One is Korean women do most of the cooking and the other one is Korean favorite food items that are steamed white rice and kimchi. Kimchi was made with pungent, highly seasoned fermented cabbages, reddish, spring onion, fish sauce and some spices. This is the sort of traditional food secret that passed down from mother to daughter and a source of family pride.


Traditional Korean feeling-

Hanbok is Korean Traditional Costume available with different colors and sizes depending on your preference. Visitors can be very lucky since there are several cultural places that offer free Hanbok wearing and get free access to some national palaces and cultural areas while in Seoul Travel.

Ferry River Cruise and water Taxi-

It can be a better idea to feel the river is taking a drive over it in a cruise. The cruise service at Han River offers watching lot of things from the city under the shining sun or with the sparkle city lights underneath the dark sky in night. Seoul the city of millions not only served by road transport but also served by convenient water taxi transport. With its 11 ferry points along the river, travelers can get move from here to there and manage to enjoy the city view on the way and can get a peaceful and silent option to spend some of their valuable time.

Bukhansan National Park –

Not just Han River Cruise but there is more on offer from – Seoul Travel;Encircled with city areas and situated within the boundaries of the city, Bukhansan National Park serves as the fresh green lungs of Seoul. The park stretches over Seoul and the Gyeonggi-do province, divided into two major parts, Bukhansan area and Dobongsan area. Both of them offer scenic hiking trails and mountain-top views.


Gyeongbokgung Palace –

Seoul Travel can give you a glimpse of Gyeong bokgung palace ; this is built in 14th century is a stunning memory of the Joseon Dynasty, still intact since that time, despite the wars and occupations. The main gate of the palace is the only thing that dividing the royal quarters from the city. The grounds of the palace contain a number of structures and National Folk Museum of Korea that features over 98,000 artifacts and presents a detailed overview of the history and culture of Korea.

Swimming& Camping-

Swimming pools offer the perfect change of temperature that many people are desperate for. Seoul metropolitan has built around nine swimming pools on the banks of the Han River that offer clean fun to different categories of visitors like older, young and kids. This also offers a great view of the quick moving Hans River nearby.

There are four major camping sites within Seoul and one of them located on the edge of the Han River. The Nanji Campground near World cup Stadium in Sangam-dong provides a nearby ecological park and swimming pool as well as baseball ground to enjoy the view while camping out. Camping at Nanji would certainly be a relaxing and beautiful location at which you could spend a weekend filled with Han River activities.


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