Best fun and amazing activity to do while on a Han River Cruise trip

The Han River is a spectacular river flowing through the heart of Seoul and plays an important role in Korean History. It would be an opportunity for you to enjoy the Han River trip while you are traveling Korea. One of the best ways to enjoy its beauty is cruising right on it. Indeed, spending the entire day exploring the Han River is not enough to perceive and to do the most amazing things in Seoul. Here are the best funs and activities you can try for those who want to try something exceptional.


Han River Cruise

Among all the top things to do in Seoul, River Cruises are the best way to enjoy the iconic Hangang River that flows right through the heart of Seoul. The cruises are well decorated in different themes according to the tourists’ interests. While spending time on the cruises, you can listen to music; enjoy some delicious Korean foods, and admiring the scenery. Cruising through the Han River is an excellent way to enjoy the magnificent view of Seoul. You can also perceive some of the most famous landmarks on the cruise, such as the N Seoul Tower, the 63 Building, and the colorful Banpo Rainbow Bridge. Han River Cruise will definitely create a memorable experience for you and your family or friends. read more


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