5 Seoul Attractions That You Must See

Seoul is not only famous for the Korean drama but also for the various places of tourist attraction that one can be at to know Korea in totality. Seoul Attractions is definitely going to dazzle and delight one as also the food, locals, and the celebs around.

There are many such places in Seoul where you can be to have an amazing experience. It would be difficult to decide where to start. Let us know about some of the places so that we can really enjoy and explore Seoul, the Korean dream city.

Lotte World: World’s largest indoor theme park can be found right in the middle of Seoul? Lotte World is a family-friendly desirability that will keep you and your family engaged for days. You can be at one of the several districts, each having tons of thrilling rides and other mesmerizing attractions. You can also be at one of the hotels, shopping mall, ice skating rink and much more.

Myeongdong: It is a busy and phenomenon district, which is also home to many popular tourist attractions, such as the historical Myeongdong Cathedral beside being the premier shopping destination in Seoul. Be sure to pack your wallet with local currency before you land at Myeongdong. Your shopping experience can range from buying at high-end department stores to fashionable boutiques with exclusive items.

Insa-dong: If you wish to experience the historical and cultural side of Seoul then you need to be here. It is a place where you will find all the customary clothes and souvenirs you could perhaps want, from hanbok to hanji, tasty teas to pottery and simple arts and crafts. Be sure to plunge by the Beautiful Tea Museum for a taste of Korean tea culture, which has a long and illustrious history. You’ll get to sip on some charming brews and sample some refreshments while you’re there.

Namsan Park: The peaceful and tranquil Namsan Park is a perfect accompaniment to the bustling shopping district. It is filled with climbing trails and tourist attractions, such as the iconic N Seoul Tower, giving you an Instagram-worthy landscape view of Seoul’s skyline.

Definitely be at Mongmyeoksan Beacon Hill Site which is a primordial warning system to protect the city from invaders, and while on the way, be sure to stop by Locks of Love, an accepted destination for lovebirds as the wall of locks symbolizes the everlasting love of those who place their locks there.

Street Food: Your trip to Seoul will not be completed without lasting the local cuisine at the street corners. Being in the Namdaemun district, you will have admission to some of the city’s best food at the Namdaemun market. Try to taste japchaehotteok and ramen hot dogs on a stick. If you would love to taste the more conventional cuisine you can taste bindaetteok, tteokbokki and kimbap.


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